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GEA Back To School Bash

Here it is folks… as promised.

Sign up using the Google Doc HERE.


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Get out to spread the word and vote.

It’s time. At the beginning of the year we discussed what needed to be done “this spring”.

It’s your chance to make a difference.  Help spread the word and VOTE!

Support Card

April 7th Election for Galesburg
-Members of the Board of Education

(1) Early Voting has started!!!
     -Vote at Galesburg Election Office (City Hall across Broad Street from Library)
     – Monday – Friday 8-5
     – Voters need a Government issued photo ID (Drivers License)
(2) Absentee Voting
    – Submit application to Election Office by April 2, 2015
    – Voters do not need a reason or excuse to vote absentee
(3) Election Day: Tuesday., April 7, 6am-7pm
    – Vote at your regular precinct assigned polling location
Note the area for School Board contains a location for two write in candidates; candidate running for write in is: Jean Ann Glasnovich.  It is totally acceptable to bring in a “cheat sheet” to help remember write in candidates names and spelling.


Questions:  can call the Election office at 309.345.3660.


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District #205 Board Elections

On Wednesday, March 18, the candidates running for District #205 were notified of the outcome of the information gathered at the GEA forum.  Using that information, and with guidance from building AR’s at the March GEA meeting, the following information was shared with each candidate.

GEA would like to thank you for your willingness to serve on the District #205 School Board, as well as participating in the GEA School Board Forum.

Based on a favorable score of 80% or higher from the membership that attended the forum on March 10, the GEA has approved the support of three candidates for the District #205 School Board.  While it was clear that all the candidates were qualified for the seats currently open, the system that was in place to use in this decision was based on input from those present. The representatives that discussed the issue of supporting candidates struggled with this decision, and felt this method was fair to all candidates. Candidates are arranged in order in which they appear on the ballot.

In township:

Tianna Cervantez and

H. Wayne Statham

All other townships:

Jean Ann Glasnovich (write in)

Mrs. Pickrel could not be recommended using the forum scoring due to her prior commitment to work at the Steele Musical.  While she did attend, she was only able to answer two questions which skewed her scoring. 

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GEA AR Meeting Schedule

The dates for the 2014-2015 AR/Exec Meetings have been set.
4:00 PM at the GEA Office.
Aug. 25*
Sept. 15
Oct. 20
Nov. 17
Dec. 15
Jan. 26 *
Feb. 23*
March 16
April 27
May – Retirement reception
*NOT a third Monday due to holiday or Board meeting

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Nominations for the IEA-RA in Chicago, IL on April 16 0 18, 2015 are now open until Nov. 12.

Contact Amanda Aberle for forms.

The election will be held Dec. 3.

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Return to Work Agreement

Comback language

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Labor Day Parade

We are space number 11 if you’re looking for the group tomorrow morning. 9:45 near the corner of Main and Chambers. Please bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the food pantry at First Lutheran (someone will collect it from you and deliver it there).

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Labor Day Parade

We know everyone is tired and trying to get things ready for Tuesday.

The community supported us and this is a public way we can say ‘thank you’.  Please strongly consider walking in the parade with us.

Meet at 9:45 downtown and wear your BLUE GEA shirt.

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8.28.14 Press Release

While the Galesburg Education Association has ratified a four-year contract with the District 205 Board of Education, it is not without a significant amount of frustration and disappointment that we have to move forward into a new school year.

While many provisions of the contract itself are acceptable to the majority of the membership, the punitive and vindictive nature of the return-to-work agreement are beyond insulting. Due to parameters available for a vote in these circumstances, the GEA could not legally separate the contract and the return-to-work agreement into individual votes.

The community must be made aware that the School Board and administration – which claim to make decisions in the best interests of students – have significantly and unnecessarily shortened the number of days students will be in school, also forfeiting state aid attached to student attendance days. However, the motivation that prompted the Board’s decision seems clear: by docking pay for teachers for their constitutional right to strike, District 205 stands to profit an estimated $400,000 to $500,000 in spite of the lost state aid.

In addition, the Board and Central Office Administration have financially crippled retirees for the rest of their lives. The amount of salary lost in this upcoming year, combined with the lost amount of salary compounded in the remaining years before retirement is outrageous.

Furthermore, brand new teachers of our district, whether they performed duties on the picket line or not, have received the same overwhelming number of docked days and lost wages when they hadn’t even been given a contract to sign.

Unethical tactics, misinformation, and outright lies have been continuously fed to the parents, students, and community from the administration prior to and throughout the negotiation process. It continued through late Wednesday night with Mr. Arthur giving a thumbs-up to football players gathered outside his window, knowing full well nothing could be official until after the GEA voted on the proposal.  The administration’s actions continued to speak volumes with the misguided hope provided by the announcements that prematurely and irresponsibly notified the community that school would resume on Friday even before the GEA had voted.

There are just too many examples of unscrupulous practices, and the return-to-work proposal to the GEA falls directly in line with the administration’s established routine.

The GEA accepted the contract proposal by a slight majority of just 52.3%, which indicates that despite weighty reservations, the needs of the students in our community were clearly a higher priority for the majority despite these sacrifices that teachers had to make. The School Board and the administration, on the other hand, have sacrificed nothing of their own … only the integrity of our students’ education.

The School Board president said at the August 18th Board meeting that both sides are to blame for the lengthy negotiations. If that is the case, why is it that students and teachers are the only ones unnecessarily suffering?

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GEA Contract Ratification News Release

Download (DOCX, 46KB)

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