8.24.14 Proposal

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Negotiations GEA 2 Proposal August 25(2)

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2 Responses to 8.24.14 Proposal

  1. Tammy says:

    If the board comes back with one or two will we see a contract. Myself and many are good with the last board proposal. Who is to say that if the all was incorporated they would start rating people with 2’s? There is always a way if they want to get rid of someone. I truly believe that we are at the point we need to have a meeting and see something and let the membership decide. I am glad we got this close. We cannot let them negotiate with themselves as we have been told you have done many times.

  2. Russ Ullrich says:

    No, as we said out on the lines today. anything less than a 0 doesn’t fix the problem. It’s not a matter of degrees. It’s a matter of closing the loophole and only All components at Distinguished will do that. Their proposal has already been declined.

    You have been saying for over a week now “we need to have a membership meeting” and we keep explaining that we first have to have something to vote on and why, without a proposal, it does not serve our membership to gather. That is why we have spent the entire days Friday and Monday talking with everyone on the picket lines. Everything we are hearing from those on the line is that they agree.